Green Ammonia Imported through VOC port…

Recently, V.O.Chidambaranar Port in Tamil Nadu has become the first state to import Green Ammonia with the arrival of 20 inch tank containers loaded with fuel from the port of Damietta in Egypt..

News Jungal Desk: The port has been a leader in ‘Green Port’ initiatives, promoting Eco-friendly practices.

Green Ammonia production is where the process of making ammonia is 100% renewable and carbon-free.

Green Ammonia ios produced by using hydrogen from water electrolysis and nitrigen sepearted from the air.These are then fed inti Haber process, all powered by sustainable electricity.

Uses of Green Ammonia:

Energy Storage: Ammonia is easily stored in bulk as a liquid at modest pressures (10-15 bar)or refrigerated to -33 degree celcious, thus an ideal renewable energy source.

Zero carbon fuel: It can be burnt in an engine or used in fuel cell to produce electricity., only by-products are water and nitrogen. Ther Maritime industry is likely to be an early adopter , replacing fuel oil in maritime engines.

Green ammonia will be used to produce green soda ash on a trial basis , moving away from conventional Grey Ammonia usage.

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