Global Innovation Index 2023 unveiled…


World Intellectual Property Organization has published Global Innovation Index ,2023

News Jungal Desk: India secured 40th position in this latest edition, a remarkable climb from 81th spot in 2015.

Key Highlights:

Switzerland secured the first rank and is the most innovative economy this year followed by Sweden, the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.

The top science and technology innovation clusters in the world are, Tokyo-Yokohama, followed by Shenzen-Hong-kong-Guangzhou, seoul and Beijing.

S&T clusters are the areas in the world where the highest density of the inventors and scientific authors are located.

China has the largest numbers of the clusters in the world.

Compared to China’s 24 and US’s 21 India has only 4 clusters among the world’s top 100.

These are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru.

India leads the ranking among central and south asia economies in parameters such as, Human Capital and Research(48), Business sophistication(57) and knowledge and technology outputs(22).

Strong indicator includes ICT services export (5th), venture capital received (6th), Graduated in science and engineering (11th) and global corporate R&D investors (13th).

Certain areas need improvementlike infrastructure, business sophistication and institutions.

NITI Aayog is promoting policy led innovations in sectors such as, electric vehicles, biotechnology , nanaotechnology, space and alternative energy sources.

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