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MS Swaminathan: True Visionary and Pioneer in Indian Agriculture…

Recently, MS Swaminathan , known as Father of India’s Green Revolution passed away at the age of 98.


News Jungal Desk: He was born on 7th August 1925, in Kumbakonam ,Tamil Nadu, India.

He pursued agricultural studies and research , delving into genetics and breeding, with the belief that improved crop varieties could have a significant impact on farmers’ lives and help overcome food scarcity.

He was Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR), where he played a crucial role in advancing agricultural research and education in India.


Role in Green Revolution:

He was widely recognized for his pivotal role in the Green Revolution.

It was a transformative phase in Indian agriculture that significantly increased crop productivity and ensure food productivity for the nation.

High Yielding Wheat and Rice:

MS Swaminathan’s groundbreaking work with Norman Borlaug in developing high yielding wheat and rice varieties, mainly the semi dwarf wheat varieties revolutionized agriculture in India during 1960’s and 70’s.

These crops produce a higher yield per hectare compared to traditional variants.

They are often disease resistant and have increased tolerance to conditions like drought, examples including, IR8 Rice and Kalyan Sona Wheat.

This transformation significantly increased crop yields, making India self-sufficient in food production and averting the looming threat of famine.

Research on Crops:

Developing high-yielding Bsmati Rice varities, innovative use of mutation technology for various crops.

Raised awareness about the importance of sustainable agriculture, genetics and breeding in improving crop varities.

Launched programs like “lab to land”.

Fair Minimum Support for Farmers:

MS Swaminathan served as the head of National Commission on Farmers and recommended fair minimum support prices for farmers’s crops.

He primarily focus on nutrition, biofortification, funding for agriculture , precision farming and promoting women in agriculture.

Kuttanad and Kerala’s Biodiversity:

MS Swaminathan Research Foundation(MSSRF) recommended 1800 crore Kuttanad package , declaring the wetland system a Special Agricultural Zone, protyecting water spread areas, modernizing infrastructure and encouraging short duration paddy varieties.

The MSSRF’s 2008 Report on the Idukki district and the establishment of community Agrobiodiversity Centre in Wayanad reflected his commitment to biodiversity conservation.


He has received many awards for his outstanding contributions to agriculture, such as,

First World Food Prize Laureate in 1987

padma Shri(1967)

Padma Bhushan(1972)

Padma Vibhushan(1989)

Various international honors such as, Ramon Magsaysay award(1971) and Albert Einstein World Science award (1986)

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